The true meaning of Pentecost

Amir’s commentary on the Pentecost as Jews worldwide commemorate the “Feast of the Weeks”.



Jews worldwide will commemorate Shavuot, the “Feast of Weeks” known to the world as Pentecost (Pentecost means fifty as it is exactly fifty days since the Feast of First Fruits) on Saturday evening and all day Sunday.

The holiday is a celebration of the end of the Biblical seven-week wheat harvest in the Land of Israel, as well as commemorates God’s gift of the Torah to the Jewish people and His oath to His people.

Colossians 2:16-17 tells us that these festivals are all just the shadow of things to come yet the substance is Christ!

May our eyes and heart remember to learn from the shadow yet focus on the substance. In Christ we are now ALL priests! Jews and Gentiles alike. In Him we are ONE! (1 Peter 2:9-10)

Please take your time today to ponder on the shadow and the substance as it appears in the Word of God:

Leviticus 23:15-23

Acts 2:1-4

Exodus 32:28

Acts 2:41

24 thoughts on “The true meaning of Pentecost

  1. GBY Amir for your dedicated and constant lookout of Bible prophecies. Watchmen from FL. And PR.

  2. Hi Amir! Watchman on the wall in Arvada Colorado. I was thinking more about Exodus where God instructs the Levites through Moses to kill all their brethren who did not step forward. Do you think this is an illustration of how we are to be when putting to death sin and it’s influences in our life? Perhaps an illustration of the cost we should be willing to pay to follow Jesus figuratively speaking?

  3. Watchman from Mexico…
    Shalom be unto you !
    Be blessed during this Feast of Shavuot … And as for me and my household, we will serve The LORD

  4. Love your updates Amir. Look forward to meeting you soon on the other side brother. Perhaps Today! Blessings from almost heaven, wild wonderful West Virginia.

  5. Thank you Amir for your teachings. The Holy Spirit has indeed been helping you to teach truth about our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you & your family. God bless the young folks from the various countries that you are teaching.


    Mary from Port Charlotte, FL

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  7. I have been studying about Shavuot a lot lately and have learned so so much such as: 10 days prior Christ ascended, it’s called a “mysterious” feast, it’s the time of “dressing the bride”, it has no set date without calculating Passover, book of Ruth is read and she is the Gentile bride while Boas is Christ, Ruth happened at Shavuot even Song of Solomon. And there is so so much more regarding the church (bride) with Shavuot (Pentecost). Watchman Bonita in Florida we/I say, “Yeshua come, come Yeshua”

  8. Thank you brother Amir & Behold Isreal. So much appreciate all the time, effort and care you put into the service you give to us your brethren. All that you do is appreciated by each of us. I pray blessings not only for you but your family as well for their sacrifice allowing us your time. We pray for continued protection for them and an extra blanket of fir your son as he serves your country…
    Thank you for clarification on this subject. We’re to keep our faith, focus and follow onto our Lord. The shadows are only pointing to Him.. ☺…
    Portia watchman from Madera CA

  9. Thank you Amir! Appreciate the ministry God has given you in these crucial times! Shalom!! Bo Yeshua Bo!! \o/

  10. Thank you, Amir, for giving us the Word and teaching us it’s significance. I look forward each day to hearing from you and learning more about our spiritual roots in Judaism and how we, the church, fit into biblical eschatology. You are a true blessing to so many of us. I will continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the opening of eyes in Israel to their true heritage. Shalom and may God bless you and your family always.

  11. Shalom,
    Thank you for reminding the brethren of the beautiful meaning and correct date of Shavuot based on God’s calendar. Our home group of watchman assemble for praise, worship and prayer on Shavuot as we celebrate and anticipate His presence. We experienced a healing in our group last Shavuot. Praise Elohim forever!

  12. Hi, Amir. I was under the impression that Shavuot was the end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the wheat harvest. I have been studying deeper into the meanings of each feast as well as each type of crop harvest and definitely see Pentecost as a possibility for rapture. 🙏 Maranatha!

  13. Pentecost is counting 50 days from Passover or from Feast of First Fruits (Resurrection Sunday)? Hence, for 2017, should it be 1 June or 4 June?

  14. Jan Georgen… Hi! 🙂 I believe it is a reference of removing ‘sin from the camp’. A purification ‘shadow’. Death comes to the disobedient idolators that didn’t align themselves with God, as Moses asked them: “Who is for God?” … and only the Levites rallied to him (as he had just come down from the Mountain speaking with God & getting the tablets). The Holy Spirit and fire of tongues is a symbol of power (siding with God) and empowerment from on High, when you align yourself with God. When rebels do not..they perish.

  15. Thank you very much, Amir.
    The stuff I read online was turning around in me – there are some who claim that Shavuot being feast of first fruits, so also will be rapture, then there is another school who say there is more than 1 rapture…
    Dived into the Word and found shalom there…
    Bless you for all your sharings.

  16. Shalom Amir,
    I am confused about the Exodus 32:28 reference in the context of Shavuot.?

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