Current events update, August 10, 2017

Amir gives an update on current events, updating on North Korea, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Jerusalem, as well as on the American eclipse in August and the star constellation in September.


9 thoughts on “Current events update, August 10, 2017

  1. Amir says signs are for unnelievers and Jews. Fine. I agree. But there is a big difference. We are talking about a Prophecied sign. You can not say something in prophecy is for the unbelievers. Never. I am not one of those who walk around with the story that the Lord gave me a sign. Never. But Rev. 12 is prophecy and in a different class altogether.

  2. E


    Just finished watching this. Amazing information
    I did not know that in Genesis 1:4 when the word season was listed that it did not mean, winter spring summer fall. This is just my first eye opener. I know, I know so little about so much of GOD’s because of laziness on my part.

    This was is very thought provoking. I have said so many times…..most Christians do not get GOD

    Glad you are spending time with your beautiful family and relaxing…

    Looking for HIS blessed return. I love seeing the posts from people around the world! What a celebration we will soon have. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

    Missouri USA

  3. I’m hearing you from small-town Iowa. I love the Eastern Point of View teachings that that are brought from the likes of you, Farag and Prasch. I’ve learned so much from you guys in the past four or five years that I feel effervescent trying to show others some of the things we’ve missed over here. Unfortunately, here in Iowa, I’ve already told the entire population of 17. JK. I am always telling people, yet it’s not a lack of urban areas but a spiritual void that is plaguing Northeast Iowa. I can count the teachers I would recommend on one hand where there is definitely room for a large tree 😉 like Tsarfati. My other hand has extra room for more Musical and artistic talent but it’s not really out there except for a couple of jewels. Have a blessed day!

  4. Thanks Brother Amir. I thank you and look forward to your updates. Watchman from TN, U.S.A. Shalom.

  5. God is not a God of confusion, makes perfect sense to stay focused on Yshuah, the א & ת. Appreciate your insight. God has is using you in word and deed, thank you🇮🇱

  6. Watchman from Canada, Amir. As always, thank you for your informative update, I look forward to it and may you receive all the blessings you give as well your family. May Gbu and keep you in safety & health. Until our blessed hope! Shalom!

  7. Belgian Watchman in Germany. I really enjoyed your words about the Middle east situations with there Way of thinking. For me with this signes in heaven was the first time that I could understand rev 12. So there for too I am thankfull. I respect the diligence of mister scott Clark without wanting To sell a book. But Amir you are right by putting the priority on the allef and omega. When I talk with ppl christians or nonchristians they even do not understand me…so we have often to stay by the gospel for nonchristians. With christians it is often more difficult to talk about Jesus is comming soon. So I read my bible, I pray for my family, I fight in my prayers for the good teachers like you and their house, I pray for Pres.Trump…and I pray in tonges without understanding but knowing that it reaches heaven. Jap..the world is turning crazier so thank you to give us this good Jesus-training-equipment.
    2weeks Full of joy for you family Tsarfatis.

  8. My husband and I are watchmen on the wall from Columbia city indiana USA. We pray daily for you and family. Love your ministry.

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