Amir’s teachings now available by download!

You asked for it and now it’s happening! I am excited to announce that we have begun providing my teachings as digital downloads in addition to DVD! Now you can purchase my teachings and receive them instantly with no need for shipping or waiting.

You can find all available digital downloads here. We are currently in the process of publishing all teachings in this format, all of which should be available by the end of this month.

The following teachings are available for download:

Europe Ready for the Antichrist

Evil: The Absence of God

The Days of Ezekiel

God’s Calendar

Jesus in the Old Testament

Standing Alone

The Rise of the One World Religion

What in the World is Going On?


Upon purchase, you will be provided with a link to download this teaching. This link will also be sent to your email. Click on the link and your purchase will begin downloading. Enjoy!

digital1 1024x1024.jpg


8 thoughts on “Amir’s teachings now available by download!

  1. Do you have a teaching on God’s covenant regarding the land of Israel. I was told that God does not and will not have to keep that covenant because the Israeli people have not obeyed God.

  2. Thanks Brother Amir for the great teachings u held in Singapore but was disappointed because I couldn’t buy any DVDs of your teachings. I’m not computer savvy n I want to own all yr DVDs to listen again and again. . The last time I tried to buy all my credit cards were rejected. They only accepted PayPal so I asked my Canadian bro in Christ to purchase for me n of course not convenient. Is there an easier way like ordering n pay by money order?
    Yeshua bless u n your family n cover u with His Blood as u travel around the world teaching HIS TRUTHS. We all love u from Singapore

  3. Thank you for your various messages. But I do not understand English and I can not understand it because the translation function is not attached. I have never done internet remittance so I do not understand well. I also think anti – Christ will happen from Western Europe. I have been chasing a single rider for over 10 years. I think this person will be an anti-Christ. For your information, I hope to hear the story. I pray for your family health.

  4. Yes, continue to offer (in hand) DVDs for those who do not own computers. If ever “OFF GRID” DVDs can be played on DVD Players with generators. Thanks,

    cathy b (Watchman from the Kansas City, Missouri area) USA

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