Prophecy Update with Amir, May 22, 2017

Amir gives a current events and Prophecy Update regarding Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel.


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16 thoughts on “Prophecy Update with Amir, May 22, 2017

  1. God bless you Amur. We hope to see you in India someday soon.
    Watchman from North East India.

  2. Sorry Amir, I said you are spot on in your 22 May update. Kol hakavod. forgot to say I’m a watchman from New Zealand!

  3. I just wanted to say well done Amir. I never leave comments but I felt the need to do so this time. I am so thankful for you and answered prayers from the Lord reguarding Donald Trumps election as my president. He’s not who I originally wanted but I know I didn’t want Hilary. He has been in my prayers along with Netanyahu and yourself. My husband travels for work so I pray all the time for your wife and children. I pray the Lord blesses you on this trip and opens many hearts and minds to His word. With this update I can see He is doing so. Keep fighting the good fight…I appreciate all your hard work Amir. Thank you!! From Chino, California

  4. Amen to this update! Bless God! God bless you dear brother Amir, your family & Israel! Watchman from Southern Italy, in His love & for His glory!

  5. Thanks Amir, wish you could come to Canada & teach. Why do people not get Trump? God heard us. Praise the Lord! I was one of the ones who got called to intercede on my knees, weeping for America , pleading with the LORD before the last election. Keep up the good fight Amir! God watch over you like He does Israel. Watchman from Canada. 🙂

  6. We love you from Switzerland, Amir! No apology! I am going to get my Bible now– we are reading Acts.
    The joy of the Lord is our strength!

  7. Thank you for this message. My goodness, if we only would know, believe and understand what God can do, if only we have a 2 Chronicles 7:14 heart….

    I truly believe that America’s God-ordained purpose is to stand with Israel and cover her in prayer. What a blessing and a privilege.

    Pray, pray, pray. What if we prayed like God would answer?? Like God was waiting for our cry? Like God cared deeply for us? He will answer! He is waiting! He does care!

  8. Amir … it is a true blessing to have a brother like you to reminds us what we should be doing and some of us aren’t. Spanking was due. No apologies.Totally from God. I pray for your ongoing mission, your family and the ministry. My family and I pray daily for our president, our government, Israel and the world. It’s biblical and we are blessed doing so. Shalom, watchman from MLB, Florida

  9. Thank you for this message! You are. So right about Trump!! God bless your traveling and your family in Israel! See you in Euless Tx in June!!

  10. Saw your update and it was spot on. Your message brought joy to my hear!! I will be keeping you and your work in my prayers. And the news that Gods love and joy are being shared and received so eagerly brought such joy to me.It must be very exciting to be apart of that.
    Be Blessed.
    Pam in TX

  11. Most Dear Amir
    May the Lord continue to protect you and Bless you during your heavy travel schedule. I will pray for you in every way.
    I thank Yeshua for your dedication to the One True Book-the Bible. I appreciate your updates, knowledge and wisdom for the current events taking place.
    I am reminded with each update the importance of continuing to be a watchman on the wall. I stay focused on the Bible and stay away from the media.
    I pray for President Trump and his family.
    Thank You Amir !! I am so glad to have you close by with updates teachings and prophecy.
    Watchman from Chicago

  12. Amen! Amir, Thank you for your words of wisdom. God is still on The Throne. His Word stands. We All are to be kind & love each other. Watchman from TN, U.S

  13. Thank you for being the voice of reason. People get so riled up over every little thing before they even think about it. Forget what the news says, forget how the reporters put their spin on everything, and remember what God has said. If you want to know what is going on prophecy wise, you won’t hear it on the tv or read about in the news media. Go to the Word. Amir is so right on this. Pray for our President. God put him in that position against all odds. Surely that should tell you something. Pray for his safety, pray for our country. This unraveling needs to stop. Pray for how God will use our President to further His plans and not what we think should happen. God is always in control. Thank Him for it.
    Thank you Amir for your counsel. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.
    Watchman in Nashville, TN

  14. Thank you for your wonderful truthful words. God bless you. Watchwoman from South Carolina

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