A word from Amir, May 29, 2017

Amir’s commentary on recent reports on Abbas-Trump meeting, Saudi Arabia in relation to the peace process and Merkel’s EU comments last week


Last week I reported that during the behind closed-door meeting while visiting Bethlehem, President Trump shocked Palestinian President Abbas and told him of his intention to first push for a regional peace between Israel and the Arab world with the hope to reignite the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Saudi Arabia had already agreed to this move.

More details have leaked from that tense meeting. Trump, while banging his fist on the table, yelled at Abbas “You lied to me in Washington when you talked about commitment to peace, but the Israelis showed me you were personally responsible for incitement.”

Reports claim the outburst was followed by several minutes of shocked silence from the Palestinians, and that the meeting was very tense before the two sides managed to get back on track.

Another very interesting development took place yesterday:

“Europe can no longer completely rely on its longstanding British and US allies” Angela Merkel has warned – saying the EU must now be prepared to “take its fate into its own hands”.

Speaking after bruising meetings of NATO and the G7 group of wealthy nations last week, the German Chancellor suggested the post-war Western alliance had been badly undermined by the UK’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election as US president.

Trump’s refusal to sign the Paris climate change agreement and insisting on fighting terrorism as the main priority Europe should have caused the climate change cult a great deal of disappointment.

The new world order elite of Europe is getting ready to grooming a new young and charismatic European leader to take the reigns and lead the “free world”. He will be the expected peace bringer and friend of all. He will be the antichrist.

Saudi becoming Israel’s ally? Biblical!

Europe taking the lead? Biblical!

I am excited! Are you?

A word from Amir, May 24, 2017

Amir’s commentary on Trump and his visit to the Middle East in light of Bible Prophecy



The same Trump so many liberals criticized for hating Muslims was given a welcome fit for a king by 50 Muslim leaders, all while knowing the US president loves the Zionist idea of the right of the Jews over their historic ancestral homeland, Zion, and their ancient capital Jerusalem.

In his own way, Trump apparently understands the Middle East more than all the Middle East analysts and political advisors. In this region, leaders respect the strong and despise a leader who weakens his allies. Arab leaders appreciate his standing with Israel because they know that by doing so he will be faithful to his promises to them as well.

They promised us after the Trump campaign that we’d see the real Trump. It’ll hurt. What happened in the end? He is the friendliest president to visit Israel in decades.

Trump told Abbas, to his face, to stop paying stipends to terrorists families.
He told the Muslim leaders, to their faces, to stop being soft on terrorists, fight and kick them out of the land they call sacred.
He told the State Department liberals, to their faces, that an acting president can visit the Western Wall even though it’s under their stupid definition of being “occupied territory”.
He told Hamas, to their face, that they are no better than Hezbollah or ISIS. Terrorists!
He told the world, right to their face, that Jerusalem is the ancient capital of the Jews.
He told the UN and the EU, to their face, that the “two state” solution isn’t the magic word and that change must come from within. And it’s NOT the Israeli side that needs to change.

Will he bring peace? No!
Will he slow events the Bible predicted? No!
Is he playing a role in the plan of God for the region? Yes!

It’s not a crime to like Trump!
It’s not a crime to be proud of America sometimes.
It’s not a crime to smile and see God in action!
Smile! We are out of here soon!

A word from Amir, May 22, 2017

Amir’s commentary on Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia in light of Bible Prophecy



Trump’s speech at Saudi Arabia was a speech dedicated to the fight in global Islamic terrorism. He wasn’t there to praise Islam as the best religion in the world, but rather encourage the moderate Sunni countries to denounce terror and fight it themselves from within.

We often speak of the countries that are going to attack Israel in Ezekiel 38-39, yet we neglect to look at those that will NOT attack and even more so – will criticize it. What we saw today [May 21] is the exact “other side” of that coming war.

Trump is NOT a globalist and surely isn’t suspected of being a Muslim. Trump wasn’t elected to cancel Bible Prophecy nor was he chosen to postpone or delay it. He is doing his part in world’s history and may I say – he is there against the will of the One World Government gang of Europe’s elite and Soros.

God is doing His part in allowing world events. You do your part in preparing yourself to be out of here. And in the meantime instead of analyzing every word that Trump is delivering in a speech – share the gospel and be a watchman!

One things for sure – crying out that Trump is wrong isn’t going to be smart. Trump isn’t the Messiah! He isn’t even a pastor or a professed born again Christian. Yet the liberal world hates him and eventually will want the antichrist. Not from the USA, but rather from Europe. Not now but rather after the coming war.

Awaiting His Return.

Should Christians study/teach on the the tribulation and the Antichrist?

A word from Amir…



“…All scriptures are given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness…” (2 Timothy 3:16)

The subjects of the tribulation and the antichrist are to be taught for two reasons:
1. It’s the inspired word of God thus it’s His word to us. Namely, He wants us to know about it!
2. It glorifies God and comforts us to know that He has NOT destined His children to that terrible event.

The question is NOT if we study or teach those issues. The question is what is our goal and where do we find our hope? Are we teaching/ sharing or reading on it just to satisfy our need for excitement? Do we truly understand the terrible nature of that time in history? Do we have the hope in His appearing and the urgency to share with the unsaved and lost?

The crown of righteousness is reserved to us all who love, hope and long for His soon appearance! (2 Timothy 4:8)

Bible Prophecy is to give you hope and security in the finished work of God. We know the end and we should be all about His business and occupy until He returns.

Daniel says that once messiah is back – there will be no longer prophecy: “…Seventy weeks are determined ….to seal up vision and prophecy…” (Daniel 9:24)