Are you ready?

A few words from Amir ahead of his August ministry tour in Hawaii and California


Are you ready? Do you understand the times and the seasons? The words of Jesus concerning the end times together with the perfect alignment of current events with Bible prophecy are all pointing at the fact that we are indeed living in the end time!

Tune in to my upcoming teachings in Hawaii and California during my August ministry tour! Let us wake up and be sober and not fall asleep as others do! Bible Prophecy is not to scare but to prepare!

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Turkey- weak and strong.

Amir’s commentary on the recent events in Turkey


Whether this was a good act on behalf of the Turkish president, or a real but very poor and unorganized attempt to remove him from power, Turkey is a weak country with a strong leader after the failed coup.

Weak- because it has shown great lack of stability.

Strong- because Erdogan now has all the excuses he ever needed to complete the Islamic Revolution and remove from power all the unwanted elements in the judiciary system, military officials and old foes who aren’t even on Turkish soil.

Gomer and the house of Togarma (Turkey) together with Rosh (Russia) and Persia (Iran) are ready and prepared for the final act of this very well-foreknown play!



It’s Time for Africa

Amir’s commentary on Israel’s developing relations with Africa in light of Bible prophecy


Over the past few days we were exposed to the remarkable and historical visit of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to four African states: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

The bottom line is that it’s time for Africa!

Israel is willing to openly and publicly cooperate and increase economic, political and military ties with countries in Africa.

For decades, Israel remained under the radar and helped African countries by training and educating their farmers and scientists through programs like MASHAV, Israel’s overseas development cooperation program that was developed to provide assistance, including humanitarian aid, education, health services, agricultural services and much more under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are several MASHAV projects in Africa focused on issues such as community building, water safety and sanitation and empowerment of women. MASHAV has been working in Africa since former Prime Minister Golda Meir’s visit to the region in 1958.

Military ties and humanitarian assistance were also under the radar.

However, in light of the radical changes in the world in the recent year- the United States’ diminishing role in the Middle East, the rise of radical Islam, the Iran deal and the increasing, active role of Russia in the Middle East- it is the time to shift gears and acknowledge publically that we have a lot to offer and we aren’t ashamed to present ourselves as a regional super power in the areas of defense, agriculture and science.

Interestingly enough, according to Ezekiel 38 Israel will be extremely successful and wealthy before the Gog and Magog attack.

The ISIS controlled or inspired radical regimes of Libya and Sudan are the only African countries that will come up against Israel in this war. The rest won’t!

If the agreement with Turkey will stimulate the Russians to feel threatened as the regional energy superpower, the recent growing influence of Israel in Africa will definitely stimulate the African part of the Ezekiel war to move ahead with their plans.

I want to point at two interesting things related to the Netanyahu’s visit to Africa:

  1. Israel will expand its influence and thus its wealth just as Ezekiel predicted.
  1. The radical African countries will feel threatened and move ahead with their plans to join a future coalition to put an end to the State of Israel.