Passing the baton: The official end of American domination in the Middle East

Amir’s commentary on current events in the Middle East


People measure determination and strength differently demographically. What is perceived in the Western culture as restraint and peaceful words can be interpreted completely differently in the Middle East.

About two years ago I wrote an article about the end of the US domination in the Middle East in light of the Syrian crisis where all American red lines had been crossed, yet no action was taken. Hesitation is perceived as weakness.

This is why Israel made it a habit to immediately respond to any attack either from Gaza by Hamas or from Syrian or Lebanese controlled areas. In Middle Eastern mentality doing nothing is worse than doing something!

The minute America started its secret Iran deal negotiations in Oman (without notifying its closest ally, Israel), it was evident that more than the calf want to drink, the mother wants to give that milk (that’s a Hebrew expression). America was willing to go beyond the wildest imagination of the Iranian and Russian dreams and basically get nothing in return for giving everything.

Vladimir Putin waited for this golden moment to have a strong Russian military presence in the Middle East next to the largest deposits of gas and oil he wants so much to himself. Even before the Iran deal was finalized, General Soulimani, the Iranian commander of the Revolutionary Guard, was sent to coordinate the before long Russian invasion into Syria.

Yesterday around noontime in Baghdad, a three-star Russian general arrived at the American embassy and notified the Americans of the approaching Russian airstrikes in Syria, demanding all US forces clear the area. What a terrible humiliation for the United States! Less than 48 hours after Putin met with Obama in New York, the Russians did not even give a courtesy call to their counterparts at the State Department or the Pentagon.

Putin smelled weakness from the American side over the past few months and tested the waters in the last two weeks as he smuggled more and more fighter jets and assault helicopters into Syrian territory. When he saw no decisive reaction from the USA or Europe he knew that the way to start military operation was clear.

Ezekiel 38 talks about Russia coming down to the region together with Iran. Isaiah 17:1 talks about the destruction of Damascus. Syria will not be there for the Ezekiel war. Syria is now a Russian and Iranian controlled region.

Lift up your eyes to the sky – our redemption is drawing near!!!