Standing Alone: Israel and the Iran deal.

Commentary by Amir Tsarfati

Israeli soldier stands beneath a flag

Israeli soldier stands beneath a flag

Europe, Russia, China and America are united in one thing only- Iran’s deal. Israel lost its only support in this matter and is held now as the problem on the way to implement this terrible deal.

The superpowers are so greedy and eager to make some quick money, that the first weapon deal with Iran was just signed today. No more embargo, no more sanctions. Iran received a double path towards the bomb- one, if it follows the deal and gets it within 10 years, and another if it fools the world and works on it as we speak.

Israel is standing all alone now. I guess we are living history. Same exact thing took place in 1938 when Europe had the deal with Hitler. “Peace in our time” said the British PM Neville Chamberlain in London upon his return from Berlin.

Shortly after World War II began.

Ezekiel 38 describes a world war against Israel as it stands alone. A war when Russia, Iran, Turkey, Sudan and Libya are forming a coalition and come to attack the safe secure and prosperous Jewish nation.

This is it – we are at the finish line.

Damascus might be the match that will start this fire!

The Lord God of Israel promised in His Word a great defeat to those attacking nations on the mountains of Israel. A defeat that will be so amazing that Islam will come to its end as a dominant religion and the eyes of the whole world will be looking at the world leader that will emerge from Western Europe to save the day and introduce peace!

Are you ready? Are you smiling? Are you excited to be alive to see it in our life time?

All that is left for the people of God is to enter His rest and as I Thessalonians 5 says: Be watchful and sober!