The monster needed blood to drink and now is satisfied


Amir’s latest blog on attacks in northern Israel and Israel’s right to defend herself


So many times I have wondered – how come no one cares about us here, yet when we rise up to defend ourselves in light of so much evil that wants to destroy us – then it is obvious and even expected that a cup of Jewish blood must we served to the monster so it will be calm.

What upsets me more is that we ourselves have grown to understand and expect it.

Ten days ago, we had the golden moment of which every intelligence service of any country can only dream on – a group of senior Hizbollah commanders were patrolling near the Israeli-Syrian border as part of their effort, as instructed by their Iranian patrons, to expand their line of outposts and rocket launching areas from southern Lebanon to the Golan heights. Little did we know that the leader of that group was none other than a top ranked Iranian General who was assigned to facilitate this effort.

An order to strike those perpetrators, who had no business to be on Syrian soil to begin with, was given. In broad daylight a few missiles fired by an Israeli aircraft destroyed the convoy and sent to the next world the well-wishers of Israel.

This morning Hezbollah fired five anti-tank Russian-made Kornet rockets at an Israeli military convoy, killed two and wounded seven.Israel retaliated but in a very minor and moderate manner, trying to avoid an escalation that will begin another war with Lebanon.

The Arab world condemned the Israeli retaliation and the U.N. Security Council was summoned to discuss the situation. The Arab world, as well as the U.N., expects Israel to sit and do nothing. Israeli retaliation and/or Israeli preventive measures like the one we took last week are held by the world the same way. Jews have no right to defend themselves, neither by preventing terror nor by responding to it.


Psalm 83

A song. A psalm of Asaph.


O God, do not remain silent;

do not turn a deaf ear,

do not stand aloof, O God.


See how your enemies growl,

how your foes rear their heads.


With cunning they conspire against your people;

they plot against those you cherish.


“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,

so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”


70 years exactly after the liberation of Auschwitz – it seems to me that the world still prefers the Jews gone.

The enemies of God want to destroy Israel. The people of God should stand up and support Israel!